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Please contact the Pea River Historical Society at 334-393-2901or visit their website at for a complete list of local genealogy resources for this area.


  1. Coffee County Grave Sites (Names, Plots, Births, Deaths)—compiled December 1969
  2. 1850 Census of Coffee County—Alabama Reference section 317.3 Cof
  3. Church Records of Southeast Alabama—Book 1—AL Ref. section -270.761 Hel
  4.  A Century at Enterprise First Methodist Church 18883-1983—AL Ref. 287.197
  5. Byrd History & Related Families: Averett, Calloway, Chancey, & Goff—AL 929 Ave
  6. A Study of Metcalfs—AL 929 Met
  7. Old Montgomery Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1834-1869—AL 929 Bar
  8. Scots and Their Kin Vol.1 by Clayton Metcalf—AL 929 Met
  9. The Gillis Family in the South by Clayton Metcalf—AL 929 Met
  10. The Storied Kendalls with Historical & Genealogical Records of Scottish & Allied Families by Anne K. Walker—AL 929 Wal
  11. Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1822-1860—AL 929.3761
  12. Old Demopolis Land Office Records of Vine and Olive Colony—AL 929.3761 Bar
  13. History of the First Regiment—Alabama Volunteer Infantry C.S.A.—AL 973.73 McM
  14. A Belle of the Fifties, Memoirs of Mrs. Clay of Alabama—AL 975.30 Cla
  15. A Backward Look (Brunson Family) by Marion Brunson—AL 976.1 Bru
  16. Notable Past, Bright Future 1893-1993. First Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama—AL 286 All
  17. A History of the First Baptist Church, Enterprise, Alabama, 1893-1981—AL 286.197 Jus
  18. Coffee County Baptists—AL 286.197 Str
  19. History of the First United Methodist Church, Ozark, Alabama—AL 287 Wel
  20. The Origins of Ft. Rucker—AL 355.7097 McG
  21. National Honor Roll 2001/2002—AL 373.18 Nat
  22. Memorial Record of Alabama Vols 1&2—AL 976.1 Mem
  23. Dateline: Enterprise by Roy Shoffner—AL 976.1 Sho
  24. This Ain’t No Shoe Store by Jim Reese ( A Diner in Enterprise) –AL 976.133 Ree
  25. The Man from Enterprise- The Story of John Amos, Founder AFLAC—Al B Amos
  26. As It was and As It Is- Tera Byrd Averett—Al B Avere
  27. I Remember When.. E.L. Gibson, MD—Al B Gibson
  28. Camp Rucker During World War II—AL R 355.70 Nol
  29. Tracing your Alabama Past—Al R 929 Dav
  30. Some yearbooks from Enterprise High School, Dauphin Jr. High, Enterprise State Jr. College, Univ. of Alabama,& Auburn Univ.
  31. Our McLean Family Tree- On the Banks of Cowpen Creek by Donna McLean Filipowski—Al R 929 Fil
  32. Pea River Sketches—AL R 929 Pea
  33. Stephen Pridgen 1832-1864 Letters, Military Data, Genealogy and Miscellaneous Pridgen Records—Al R 929 Par
  34. Various Pea River Trials
  35. Tillery Family in America 1625-2005—Al R 929 Til
  36. The Whigham Chronicles- A Record of the Whighams’ Journey from Europe Across the United States—Al R 929 Whi
  37. Indians of Alabama—Al R 970.4 Ind
  38. A Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots in Alabama—Al R 973.36 Jul
  39. Enterprise The First 110 Years by Ray Shoffner—Al R 976.1 Sho
  40. Who’s Who in Alabama Vol.II
  41. Coffee Springs, Alabama- A History—Al R 976.1292 Far
  42. Pea River Reflections by Marion Brunson—Al R 976.133 Bru
  43. Forgotten Trails, A History of Dale Count, Alabama1824-1966—Al 976.133 Wat
  44. Henry County, Georgia- Marriage Records 1882-1850—R 929 Ing
  45. Newton County, Georgia Cemeteries Vol. I—R 929.3 Dix
  46. Butts County, Georgia Marriage Records 1826-1870—R 929 Ing
  47. Houston County, Georgia Marriage Records 1822-1852—R 929 Ing
  48. Various The Alabama Review- A Quarterly Journal of Alabama History
  49. Various The Alabama Historical Quarterly
  50. Newton County, Georgia Marriage Records 1822-1870—R 929 Ing
  51. Cobb County, Georgia Cemeteries Vols. I & II—R 929.5 Cob
  52. The Legacy of the Hartzog and Hardy Families from South Carolina and North Carolina and Beyond—929 Buc
  53. A Research of the Bowdoin Family in the U.S.—929.2 Mar
  54. Generations- A Documentary History- A History of Selected Lines of Family of Michael Joseph Dasinger Vol. I—929.2 Dos
  55. Gracie’s Alabama Volunteers- The History of the Fifty-ninth Alabama Volunteer Regiment—976.1 Bur
  56. The logs of the C.S.S Alabama and C.S.S. Tuscaloosa—Al 973.757