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The Enterprise Public Library wants to Thank all of those who have donated their time, their money, and their talents

Organizations & Businesses                                                                               

Chatauqua  Book Club: 2012 Subscription & yearly donations of books 

Enterprise Federation of Garden Clubs
Enterprise Junior Women                                                                                                                  

 Friends of the Library (over 100 members, including businesses and individuals!)
Register to be a Friend of the Library
Girl Scout Troop # 9338 (Wanetta Armitage)                                                                        

Girl Scout Troop #9180 (Meghan Dickerson)
Jo Jo's on College Street   - for contributing  Summer Reading 2012 Prizes (Joni Gray)
Lion’s Club                                                                                                                                        

Milky Moo's on College Street:- for providing  Summer Reading 2012 Prizes ( Lisa Gray
Pierian Club
Sesame Study Club                                                                                                                           

David Stein - for donating your daily USA Today newspapers to the Enterprise Public Library
Wiregrass Decorative Painters
Wiregrass United Way Contributers- Thank you so much!

George T. Byrd Family Foundation:  Gale E-Reference Virtual Library

Goolsby Plumbing & Electric: Totes to Go Bags

Bryan Pharmacy ( Brett Bryan): Totes to Go Bags

ENCO (Kinn Pittman & Sydney Goocher): Totes to Go Bags

Pinckney & Sally Sims: 2012 Subscription        

Larry Brown: 2012 Subscription & E-Book Christmas In July '12 Donation!

Mary Grimes with Farmer's Insurance - Ad Com Emergency Contact Information Magnets

Enterprise Precision Locksmith - Ad Com Emergency Contact Information Magnets


Enterprise Biz ( Elaine and family) - Signs
Charlene & Eugene  Goolsby                                                                                                            

Debbie Hemry – Knitting Instructor                                                                                                    

Joanne McCormack   Civil War  Collection                                                                                                                 

Quality Printing (Steve)                                                                                                                                  

Al Sneckenberger