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Library Membership

Enterprise Public Library’s Membership Quick Note

Applying for Membership @ EPL

  1. Please bring the following to the EPL Circulation Desk in person when applying for an EPL Membership:
    • Photo Identification which validates the applicant’s age & current address;
    • Proof of Current Residence as an Enterprise CITY home mailing address (utility bill, personal check, etc.,)   
    • Names & phone numbers of 2 personal references outside the residence.
  2. Family Membership Cards are recommended, but youth (ages 14+) may apply for a Membership if a parent or legal guardian adult co-signs to accept liability for the minor’s account. However, the same EPL Membership rules apply to the minor applicant.
  3. Persons who reside outside the Enterprise City limits and do NOT use either a “36330” or a “36331” mailing zip code and are NOT active duty Service men and women stationed at Fort Rucker must pay $10 (cash) annually for their EPL Membership Card.
  4. Patrons must pay $2 (cash) to purchase a replacement EPL Membership Card.


Membership Process and Basic Circulation Rules

  1. Patrons must complete an Application form to register for an EPL Membership Card. By signing the bottom of the Application form, the Patron is indicating that he/she will be responsible for all EPL materials that are checked out.
  2. After completing the Application Process, Patrons will receive the following handouts: EPL’s & the Friends of the Library brochures, the new Membership Quick Note, the Code of Conduct and the Computer & Internet Policy.
  3. Once the EPL Membership is approved & the Account activated, for a one-month probationary period, new Patrons may check out 2 items per authorized & valid family member whose names appear on their family’s account.

For example:  A family of four would be allowed to check out 8 items to their account.

  1. After the one-month probationary period, the authorized Patrons on the account can check out 20 items total.  Only 4 videos and/or DVD’s can be checked out per account. Only 2 non-fiction items pertaining to the same subject may be checked out per account.
  2. All EPL materials are checked out for a two-week period. Materials which are NOT on reserve for another Patron may be renewed for two more weeks.
  3. Either the Patron’s EPL Membership Card or a valid driver’s license must be provided each time items are checked out at the Circulation Desk. 
  4. All EPL Membership Cards expire annually. Patrons must produce photo identification and must clear all outstanding fines and bills in person in order to update their account each year. * Please, remember to update your EPL Patron Account if your contact information changes.
  5. All computer users MUST have an EPL Membership Account that is without unpaid fines and/or fees and overdue materials. Furthermore, Patrons must provide either their issued EPL Card or valid photo ID each time when requesting the privilege of using a computer and/or using the internet.
  6. Each Patron is held responsible for all materials circulated, all fines accrued, and all fees accumulated on his/her account. Every attempt to notify Patrons of overdue materials will be made.
  7. A fine of 10¢ will be charged to the Patron’s Account per overdue item, per overdue day excluding Sundays, “Just Closed Saturdays”, & holidays.  
  8. All fees for overdue, damaged, and lost EPL materials MUST be paid before Patrons are allowed to check out future materials or use the EPL computers.
  9. Overdue notices and bills relating to lost items will be sent by mail or e-mail.
  10. If materials are damaged so as to be judged by the Director as being unsuitable for the collection and future circulation, the Patron will pay the replacement cost. A phone call and/or written notice of these charges will be sent to the Patron. This rule does not apply to materials that are damaged due to normal wear and tear as determined by the Director


Enterprise City Ordinance 12-20-94 makes refusal to return library materials unlawful.