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If you have a current membership card and would like to reserve any of these books, please call the Enterprise Public Library at (334) 347-2636 or use our online card catalog.

(YA) = Young Adult, (JF) = Juvenile Fiction, (JF LP)=Juvenile Fiction Large Print,  (J) = Non-Fiction,
(JB) = Juvenile Biography, (BB) = Board Book, (E) = Easy, (ER)=Easy Reader

April 11

            The Essential Taylor Swift Fanbook, Mortimer (JB)
            Legends of Lotus Island: City of Wishes, Christina Soontornavat (JF)
            Legends of Lotus Island: The Guardian Test, Christina Soontornavat (JF)
            Paper Dragons: The Fight for the Hidden Realm, Siobhan McDermott (JF)
            Warrior on the Mound, Sandra W. Headen (JF)
            Who Was Annie Oakley?, Stephanie Spinner (JB)
            Who was Ben Franklin?, Dennis Brindell Fradin (JB)
            Who was Queen Elizabeth?, June Eding (JB)

April 4

             The Blessings Jar: A Story About Being Thankful, Colleen Coble (BB)
             Behind the Brand: Apple, Sara Green (J)
             Behind the Brand: Lego, Sara Green (J)
             Behind the Brand: Nintendo, Paige, V. Polinksy (J)
             Behind the Brand: Roblox, Sara Green (J)
             Behind the Brand: Star Wars, Paige V. Polinksy (J)
             Boy: Tales of Childhood and Going Solo, Roald Dahl (JF)
             Bug Hunt: What Will You Find?, Kathleen Yale (J)
             Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder, Dav Pilkey (JF)
             Front Desk, Kelly Yang (JF)
             Hilo: Rise of the Cat, Judd Winick (JF)  
             The Misfits: A Royal Conundrum, Lisa Yee (JF)
             Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Landry Q. Walker (NF)
             Trim Saves the Day, Deborah Hopkinson (JF)
             A Twisted Tale Anthology, Elizabeth Lim (YA)
             Why Does It Rain?, Eric Carle (BB)

March 29

             Car Racing GOATS, Brendan Flynn (J)
             Coyote Lost and Found, Dan Gemeinhart (JF LP) 
             Ferris, Kate DiCamillo (JF LP)
             It Happened on Saturday, Sydney Dunlap (YA)
             Pete the Cat: Rock on, Mom and Dad!, James Dean (E)
             Stella Endicott and the Anything-is-possible Poem, Kate DiCamillo (JF)
             Words Are Magic!, Felicia Whaley (ER)

March 21

             10 Things I Love About Dinosaurs, Samantha Sweeney (E)
             The Blue Pickup, Natasha Tripplett (E)
             Cranky, Phuc Tran (E)
             Messy Monkeys, Sabrina Andonegui (E)
             North! or Be Eaten, Andrew Peterson (JF)
             On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, Andrew Peterson (JF)
             Pete the Cat: Robo Pete, James Dean (E)
             The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn, Shawn Harris (E) 
             Three Important Jobs, Yvonne Ivinson (E) 
             Treehouse Town, Gideon Sterer (E) 
             With Our Orange Hearts, Phyllis Webstad (E)

March 12

             Ava & Carol Detective Agency: Books 4-6, Thomas Lockhaven (JF)
             The Book Bus, Melanie Moore (E)
             A Crystal of Time, Soman Chainani (YA)
             Eva for President, Rebecca Elliott (JF) 
             Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon, Kate DiCamillo (JF)
             Heroes, Alan Grantz (JF)
             Hidden Figures: Young Readers' Edition, Margot Lee Shetterly (J)
             Katie Cupcakes and Wedding Bells, Coco Simon (JF)
             Little Bead Charms, Miyuki Oku (J)
             Lost on Mars: Getting Back to Basecamp, Jason M. Burns (JF)
             Pop of the Bumpy Mummy, Troy Cummings (JF)
             The Rising Tide of Lava: Chaos on Mars, Jason M. Burns (JF)
             The Sand Seas of Mars: Repairing the Rover, Jason M. Burns (JF)
             The Ugly Duckling Returns, Tony Bradman (JF)
             Whack of the P-Rex, Troy Cummings (JF)
             Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?, Kate DiCamillo (JF)
             Wildlife (J)

March 1

             Animal Showdown Round Three: Surprising Animal Matchups With Surprising Results, Stephanie Warren Drimmer (J)
             Bumps in the Night, Amalie Howard (JF)
             Dave Pigeon (Racer!), Swapna Haddow (JF)
             The Fixer Upper, Jen Calonita (F) 
             Gleanings, Neal Shusterman (YA)
             Harriet Tells the Truth, Elana K. Arnold (JF)
             Minecraft: The Mountain, Max Brooks (JF)
             Mirrorverse: Pure of Heart, Delilah S. Dawson (YA)
             Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete, James Dean (E)
             Punycorn, Andi Watson (JF)
             Mission Manhattan, James Ponti (JF)
             The Spirit Glass, Roshani Chokshi (JF LP) 
             Top Story, Kelly Yang (JF LP) 
             Turbo's Special Delivery, Jean Reagan (E)
             Winston Chu vs. the Whimsies, Stacey Lee (JF)

February 22

             Animal Showdown Round Two: Surprising Animal Matchups With Surprising Results, Stephanie Warren Drimmer (J)
             Bear Finds Eggs, Karma Wilson (E)
             Eyes That Weave the World's Wonders, Joanna Ho (E)
             Flooded, Mariajo Ilustrajo (E)
             Frankenstein Doesn't Plant Petunias, Marcia Thronton Jones (JF)
             The Imposter, Kelly Collier (E)
             Ink Girls, Marieke Nijkamp (JF)
             Kitty & Cat: Bent Out of Shape, Mirka Hokkanen (E)
             The Language of Spells, Garret Weyr (JF)
             Minecraft: Zombies Return, Nick Eliopulos (JF)
             Pea, Bee, & Jay: The Big Bully, Brian Smith (JF)
             The Power of the Pearl Earrings, Linda Trinh (JF)
             Scarewaves, Trevor Henderson (JF)
             The Secret of the Jade Bangle, Linda Trinh (JF)
             Sleepytime, Joe Brumm (E)
             Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots, Marcia Thornton Jones (JF) 
             Vengeance of the Pirate Queen, Tricia Levenseller (YA)
             What Should Danny Do?, Ganit Levy (E)
             Winter Turning: The Graphic Novel, Tui T. Sutherland (JF)























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