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If you have a current membership card and would like to reserve any of these books, please call the Enterprise Public Library at (334) 347-2636 or use our online card catalog. 

(F) = Fiction, (NF)=Non-Fiction, (B)=Biography, (LP) =Large Print, (CD) = Compact Disc, (E)=Easy

May 30th

            James Comey, Central Park West  (F)
            Joel C. Rosenberg, The Libyan Diversion  (CD)
            Martha Wells, Witch King (F)

May 27th

             Linwood Barclay, The Lie Maker (F)             
             Jack Carr, Only the Dead (F)   
             Emma Cline, The Guest (F)          
             Carley Fortune, Meet Me At the Lake (F) 
             Candice Fox, Fire With Fire (F)            
             Jasmin 'Iolani Hakes, Hula (F)
             Irene Hannon, Windswept Way (F)
             Anne Hollerman, The Way of the Bear (LP)
             Susie Luo, Paper Names (F)
             Andrew McCarthy, Walking With Sam (B) 
             Fern Michaels, Liar! (F)
             Kelsey Miller, I'll Be There For You: The One About Friends (NF) 
             James Patterson, The 23rd Midnight (F)
             James Patterson, The House of Wolves (LP)
             Karelia Stetz-Waters, Behind the Scenes (F) 
             Crystal Smith Paul, Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? (F)
             Mary Stone, Shadow's Watch (F)
             Julia Quinn, Queen Charlotte (F)
             Abraham Verghese, The Covenant of Water (F)         

May 22nd

             Andy Dunn, Burn Rate (NF)
             Elle Gray, The Perfect Getaway (F)
             Andrzej Sapkowski, Blood of Elves (F)
             Mary Stone, Shadow's Hostage (F)
             Jamie Jo Wright, The Vanishing at Castle Moreau (F)

May 18th

             Jayne Allen, Black Girls Must Have It All (F)            
             Peter Attia, MD, Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity (NF)
             Jo Baker, The Midnight News (F)
             Erica Bauermeister, No Two Persons (F)             
             Anne Berest, The Postcard (F)
             Costanza Casati, Clytemnestra (F) 
             Charlie Donlea, Those Empty Eyes (F)
             Hester Fox, The Last Heir to Blackwood Library (F)
             Arnaldur Indridason, The Girl by the Bridge (F)
             Mary Beth Keane, The Half Moon (F) 
             R. F. Kuang, Yellowface (F)
             Joyce Maynard, The Bird Hotel (F)
             Megan Nix, Remedies for Sorrow (NF)
             Jenny Odell, Saving Time (NF)
             Susan Patterson, Things I Wish I Told My Mother (F)
             Laura Spence-Ash, Beyond That, the Sea (F)
             Lizzie Stark, Egg: A Dozen Ovatures (NF)
             Nancy Thayer, All the Days of Summer (F)

May 16th

             Nicole Cuffy, Dances (F)
             Jude Deveraux, My Heart Will Find You (LP) 
             Emily Fanklin, The Lioness of Boston (F)
             Tieghan Gerard, Half Baked Harvest Every Day (NF) 
             Elle Gray, Behind Closed Doors (F)           
             Carolyn Haines, Tell-Tale Bones (F)  
             Emily Henry, Happy Place (LP)
             Mark Hyman, MD, Young Forever (NF) 
             Kate Morton, Homecoming (LP) 
             Lana Ferguson, The Nanny (F)
             Susan Patterson, Things I Wish I Told My Mother (LP)
             Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being (NF)         
             Jeff Shaara, The Old Lion (F)

May 15th

             David Baldacci, Simply Lies (LP)             
             Dave Barry, Swamp Story (F)            
             Jeff Benedict, Lebron (CD)
             Marisa Crane, I Keep My Exoskeletons To Myself (F)
             David Grann, The Wager (NF)
             Tom Hanks, The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece (F)  
             Larry Loftis, The Watchmaker's Daughter (CD)
             Otis Moss III, Dancing in the Darkness (NF)
             Anne Perry, The Fourth Enemy (LP) 
             Anna Potter, Flower Philosophy (NF)
             John Sandford, Dark Angel (F)
             Joanna Schwartz, Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable (NF)
             Curtis Sittenfeld, Romantic Comedy (CD)
             Martin Cruz Smith, Independence Square (CD)
             Genevieve Wheeler, Adelaide (F)
             Kidada E. Williams, I Saw Death Coming (NF)

May 11th

             Lynda Rutledge, West with Giraffes (F)

May 6th

             Diana Biller, Hotel of Secrets (F)
             Lucy Score, Things We Hide From the Light (F)             
             Don Winslow, City of Dreams (F)

May 1st

             The Courage to Be Free, Ron DeSantis (NF)

April 28th

             Nicholas Binge, Ascension (F) 
             Benjamin Hall, Saved: A War Reporter's Mission to Make It Home (B)
             Jonathan Kennedy, A History of the World in Eight Plagues (NF)
             Dennis Lehane, Small Mercies (F) 
             Michelle Miller, Belonging (B)                         
             Leta McCollough Seletzky, The Kneeling Man (B)

April 27th

             Nicole Chung, A Living Remedy (B)             
             Mary Higgins Clark, Where Are the Children Now? (F)             
             Sarah Graves, Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie (F)
             Emily Henry, Happy Place (F)
             Joshilyn Jackson, With My Little Eye (F) 
             Martha Hall Kelly, The Golden Doves (F)
             Caroline Kepnes, For You and Only You (F)
             Gregory May, A Madman's Will (NF)
             Leslie Meier, Mother of the Bride Murder (F)
             Susan Meissner, Only the Beautiful (F) 
             Ricardo Nuila, The People's Hospital (NF)            
             Diana Palmer, The Loner (F)
             Hanna Pylväinen, The End of Drum-Time (F)
             Bernie Sanders, It's Ok To Be Angry About Capitalism (NF) 

April 26th

              David Baldacci, Simply Lies (CD)
              Allison Brennan, Seven Girls Gone (F)
              Davis Bunn, Shell Beach (F)
              Harlan Coben, I Will Find You (CD)
              Laura Dearn & Diane Ladd, Honey, Baby, Mine (B)

April 24th

             Wanda E. Brunstetter, Letters of Trust (F)
             T. Jefferson Parker, The Rescue (F)
             Danielle Steel, Worthy Opponents (CD)
             Don Winslow, City of Dreams (CD)

April 21st 

             David Baldacci, Simple Lies (F)
             Mary Higgins Clark, Where Are the Children Now? (LP)
             Harlan Coben, I Will Find You (F) 
             Heather Graham, Shadow of Death (F)  
             Joshua Hood, The Treadstone Rendition (F/LP)
             Katherine May, Enchantment (NF)  
             Megan Miranda, The Only Survivors (F) 
             Beth Moore, All My Knotted-Up Life (B)              
             Alison Roman, Sweet Enough (NF)
             John Sandford, Dark Angel (LP) 
             Ari Shapiro, The Best Strangers in the World (B)              

April 20th

               J.D. Robb, Encore in Death (CD)

April 18th

              Sandra Dallas, Where Coyotes Howl (F)
              Nick Medina, Sisters of the Lost Nation (F)
              Monica Potts, The Forgotten Girls (F)

April 14th

             Joan Biskupic, Nine Black Robes (NF)             
             Eleanor Catton, Birnam Wood (F)
             Jenny Colgan, Lessons at the School by the Sea (F)
             Julie Carrick Dalton, The Last Beekeeper (F)            
             Terr-Lynne DeFino, Varina Palladino's Jersey Italian Love Story (F)
             Jude Deveraux, My Heart Will Find You (F)
             Christina Dodd, Forget What You Know (F)
             Robert Dugoni, Her Deadly Game (F)
             Timothy Egan, A Fever in the Heartland (NF)
             Karen Fine, The Other Family Doctor (NF)
             Alex Finlay, What Have We Done (F)
             Charles Fraizer, The Longest Race (NF)
             Kara Goucher, The Longest Race (NF)
             Sally Hepworth, The Soulmate (F)
             Paris Hilton, Paris: The Memoir (B)
             Colleen Hoover, Never Never (F)
             Jenny Jackson, Pineapple Street (F)
             J. A. Jance, Collateral Damage (F)
             Dean King, Guardians of the Valley (NF)
             Larry Loftis, The Watchmaker's Daughter (B)
             Rebecca Makkai, I Have Some Questions For You (F) 
             Jessa Maxwell, The Golden Spoon (F)
             Fern Michaels, On the Line (F)
             Kate Morton, Homecoming (F)
             Brenda Novak, The Seaside Library (F)
             Anne Perry, The Fourth Enemy (F)
             Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, Wake Up Wit Purpose! (B)
             Sally Bedell Smith, George VI and Elizabeth (NF)
             Jeannette Walls, Hang the Moon (F)

April 11th              

             James Patterson, Count Down (LP)
             John Sandford, Dark Angel (CD)
             Danielle Steel, Worthy Opponents (LP)
             Katie Winters, A Nantucket Promise (F)

April 7th

              Taylor Jenkins Reid, Carrie Soto is Back (LP)

April 4th

             Curtis Sittenfeld, Romantic Comedy (F)

April 3rd

             James Patterson, Count Down (F)