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 (JF) = Juvenile Fiction, (J) = Non-Fiction, (JB) = Juvenile Biography, (BB) = Board Book, (E) = Easy, (ER)=Easy Reader


Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!, by Herman Parish (JF)
Amos Likes to Jump, by Margaret Lowder (BB)
At the Garage, by Carron Brown (E)
Baby Animals, by Emily Bone (ER)
Best Friends in the Universe, by Hector and Louie (E)
Dinosaurs, by Emily Bone (ER)
Dog Man Brawl of the Wild, by Dav Pilkey (JF)
Flamingo plays bingo, by Russell Punter (ER)
Flowers, by Emily Bone (ER)
Go Green for Earth Day (J)
The Greatest Show Unearthed,
by Paul Tobin (JF)
Guide to Being Happy, (JN)
Here and There (JN)
I am Harriet Tubman, by Brad Meltzer (JB)
I'm in Charge!, by Jeanne Willis (E)
The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears,
by Susan E. Hamen (J)
The Infamous Ratsos are not Afraid, by Kara Lareau (JF)
John Deere, That's Who!, by Tracy Nelson Maurer (E)
Love Z, byJessie Sima (E)
Ludwig the Space Dog, by Henning Lohlein (E)
Monsters in the Dark, by Zanna Davidson (JF)
Monsters on the Loose, by Zanna Davidson (JF)
Monsters on the Move, by Zanna Davidson (JF)
My Daddy is a Hero, by Hannah Tolson (E)
My Mommy is a Hero, by Hannah Tolson (E)
Niblet & Ralph, by Zachariah Ohora (E)
The Official Guide to the Virtual World, by Daniel Wallace (JN)
Penguins, by Susanna Davidson (ER)
The Stinky Truth, by Joe Berger (JF)
Secrets of American History Space Age, by Laurie Calkhoven (ER)
Story Path, by Madalena Matoso (E)
Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off!, by Thomas Flintham (JF)
Super Turbo Gets Caught, by Lee Kirby (JF)
The Terrible Two's Last Laugh, by Mac Barnett (JF)
That's not my...Zebra's Colors, by Fiona Watt (BB)


Amulet : The Stonekeeper, by Kazu Kibrishi (JF)
Ape's great escape,
by Russell Punter (ER)
Bears, by Sarah Courtauld (ER)
Big Nate Goes Bananas!, by Lincoln Peirce (JF)
Bird & Squirrel on Fire, by James Burks (JF)
The Blizzard Challenge, by Bear Grylls (JF)
Bravelands : Code of Honor, by Erin Hunter (JF)
Bricks & Tricks, by Joachim Klang (J)
Bug in a rug, by Russell Punter (ER)
Captain Awesome, Soccer Star, by Stan Kirby (JF)
Chicken Story Time, by Sandy Asher (E)
Chimp with a limp, by Lesley Sims (ER)
The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel, by Tracey Corderoy (E)
Coding Games in Scratch (J)
Cosmic Commandos, by Christopher Eliopoulos (JF)
Croc gets a shock, by Mairi Mackinnon (ER)
The Desert Challenge, by Bear Grylls (JF)
Does Frankenstein Get Hungry?, by John Solimine (E)
Eerie Elementary the Art Show Attacks!, by Jack Chabert (JF)
Electro-Magnetism for babies, by Chris Ferrie (BB)
The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick, by Drew Daywalt (E)
The (Fairly) True Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, by Liesl Shurtliff (JF)
The (Fairly) True Tale of Red Riding Hood, by Liesl Shurtliff (JF)
The Force Awakens, LEGO (E)
Giraffe in the bath, by Russell Punter (ER)
Go, Mo, Go! Seaside Sprint, by Mo Farah (JF)
Goodnight Spaceman, by Michelle Robinson (E)
How Bear Lost his Tail, retold by Lucy Bowman (ER)
Hyena ballerina, by Russell Punter (ER)
I Got the Christmas Spirit, by Connie Schofield-Morrison (E)
I need a New Butt!, by Dawn McMillan (E)
I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967, by Lauren Tarshis (JF)
Ice Whale, by Jean Craighead George (JF)
If You Ever Want to Bring a Pirate to Meet Santa, Don't!, by Elsie Parsley (E)
It's Great to be Kind, byJordan Collins (E)
Izzy Gizmo, by Pip Jones (E)
The Jungle Challenge, by Bear Grylls (JF)
King Flashypants and the Toys of Terror, by Andy Riley (JF)
Last Stop On The Reindeer Express, by Maudie Powell-Tuck (E)
Lawn of Doom, GRAPHIC (JF)
Living In...South Korea, by Chloe Perkins (ER)
Lump Lump and the Blanket of Dreams, by Gwen Jackson (J)
Maisie Hitchins the Case of the Secret Tunnel, by Holly Webb (JF)
Mary Poppins, by P.L. Travers (E)
Merhorses and Bubbles, by Asia Citro (JF)
Night & Day Animals, by Emily Bone (ER)
No Boring Stories!, by Julie Falatko (E)
Out of This World, by James Dean (E)
Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights, by Rob Sanders (J)
Pinkalicious and the Amazing Sled Run, by Victoria Kann (E)
Police in Action, LEGO (E)
The Pudding Problem, by Joe Berger (JF)
A Raccoon at the White House, by Rachel Dougherty (ER)
Ready Steady Mo!, by Mo Farah (E)
Rox's Secret Code, by Nathan Archambault (E)
Santa Claus Bruce, by Ryan T. Higgins (E)
The Sea Challenge, by Bear Grylls (JF)
Seal at the wheel, by Lesley Sims (ER)
Seashore, by Emily Bone (ER)
Seasons, by Emily Bone (ER)
Sheets, by Brenna Thummler (JF)
Sink or Swim, by Judy Katschke (J)
The Snow Rabbit, by Georgiana Deutsch (E)
Someone's Got a Screw Loose, by Nancy Krulik (JF)
Space Rocks! 2, by Tom O'Donnell (JF)
Spider in a glider, by Lesley Sims (ER)
Stick Cat, by Tom Watson (JF)
Stick Dog Chases a Pizza, by Tom Watson (JF)
Tiger -vs.- Nightmare,
by Emily Tetri (JF)
Two Cats and a Baby, by Tom Watson (JF)
What Makes Us Unique? : Our First Talk About Diversity, by Jillian Roberts (J)
What's the Diference?, by Emma Strack (J)
Zero's Journey, GRAPHIC (JF)
100 Screen-Free Ways to beat Boredom!, by Kris Hirschmann (J)

















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