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(YA) = Young Adult, (JF) = Juvenile Fiction, (JF LP)=Juvenile Fiction Large Print,  (J) = Non-Fiction,
(JB) = Juvenile Biography, (BB) = Board Book, (E) = Easy, (ER)=Easy Reader

June 1

             Agent 9: Flood-A-Geddon!, James Burks (JF)             
             Agent 9: Mind Control, James Burks (JF)             
             The Brave Friend Leads the Way!, Jill Esbaum (E)             
             Dactyl Hill Squad, Daniel Josť Older (JF)
             Egypt, Sloane Gould (J)
             Friend's Don't Eat Friends, Jill Esbaum (E)
             I Am Helpful: A Positive Power Story, Suzy Capozzi (ER)
             Maisy's Recycling Truck, Lucy Cousins (BB)
             Smart Vs. Strong, Jill Esbaum (E)

May 27

             Legendborn, Tracy Deonn (YA)

May 19

             Barbie, Grace Hansen (J)             
             Belize, Alicia Z. Klepeis (J)
             Curious About Ferrets, Alissa Thiegles (J)
             Curious About Guinea Pigs, Alissa Thiegles (J)
             Curious About Hedgehogs, Alissa Thiegles (J)
             Curious About Lizards, Alissa Thiegles (J)
             Curious About Snakes, Alissa Thielges (J)
             Curious About Turtles, Alissa Thielges (J)
             Day of the Dead, Claudia Oviedo (J)
             Diary of a Pug: Pug's Road Trip, Kyla May (JF)
             Hot Wheels, Grace Hansen (J)
             Hungary, Alicia Z. Klepeis (J)
             Lego, Grace Hansen (J)
             Music Is..., Brandon Stosuy (BB) 
             Panama, Alicia Z. Klepeis (J)             
             Peppa Loves St. Patrick's Day, Mark Baker (E)
             Singapore, Nicole E. Rodriguez Mata (J)
             Venezuela, Nicole E. Rodriguez Mata (J) 

May 16

             Al Capone Throws Me a Curve, Gennifer Choldenko (JF)             
             Caraval, Stephanie Garber (YA)
             The Kane Chronicles: The Serpent's Shadow, Rick Riordan (JF) 
             The Maze Cutter, James Dashner (YA)            
             A Mighty Long Way, Carlotta Walls LaNier (JB)
             Minecraft: The Voyage, Jason Fry (JF)
             Ready, Set, Goal!, Debbie Dadey (JF)
             Serafina and the Black Cloak: The Graphic Novel, Robert Beatty (JF)
             Simon B. Rhymin' Gets in the Game, Dwayne Reed (JF)
             Welcome to Sparklegrove, Rebecca Elliot (JF)
             What is the Women's World Cup?, Gina Shaw (J)

May 9

             Animorphs: The Encounter: Graphic, K. A. Applegate (JF)
             Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, Nick Bruel (JF)             
             A First Time for Everything, Dan Santat (JF)             
             Flower Girl Dreams, Debbie Dadey (JF)
             Stupendously Samson, Kiki Thorpe (JF)
             Who Is Megan Rapinoe?, Stefanie Loh (JB)
             Wish, Barbara O'Connor (JF)

May 6

             Animorphs: The Visitor: Graphic, K.A. Applegate (JF)             
             Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble, Nick Bruel (JF)
             Bad Kitty Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty, Nick Bruel (JF) 
             Bad Kitty Supedrcat, Nick Bruel (JF)
             Bad Kitty vs. the Babysitter, Nick Bruel (JF)
             Believe Me, Tahereh Mafi (YA)
             CatNinja: Welcome to the 'Burbs, Matthew Cody (JF)
             The Creeping Shadow, Jonathan Stroud (JF)
             Daughter of the Siren Queen, Tricia Levenseller (YA) 
             Dream of the Blue Turtle, Debbie Dadey (JF)
             The Heartstopper Yearbook, Alice Oseman (YA)
             The Hollow Boy, Jonathan Stroud (JF)              
             I'm Ogre It, Jeffrey Ebbeler (JF)
             Kittens n the Kitchen, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF)
             The Last Dodo, Isabel Roxas (JF)
             Legendary, Stephanie Garber (YA) 
             Making A Play, Abbi Glines (YA)
             Minecraft: The End, Catherynne M. Valente (JF)
             The Missing Magic, Rebecca Elliot (JF)
             Pug's New Puppy, Kyla May (JF)
             Revenge of Dr. von Naysayer, Ada Hopper  (JF)
             Scions, Josephine Angelini (YA)
             Seasick Sea Horse, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF)
             A Star Purr-formance, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF) 
             Timeless, Josephine Angelini
             True You, Gwen Agna (E)
             The Wicked Stepmother Helps Out, Tony Bradman (JF)
             Wish Upon a Starfish, Debbie Dadey (JF)

May 4

             Around the World in 80 Musical Instruments, Nancy Dickman (J)             
             Full Moon Pups, Liz Garton Scanlon (E)             
             The Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the United States, Alliah L. Agostini (J)             
             Literally Amazing Words and Where They Come From, Patrick Skipworth (J)
             Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, Vashti Harrison (J)
             Little Penguin and the Lollipop, Tadgh Bentley (E)
             The Mighty Brontosaurus, Brianna Kaiser (J)
             Our Incredible Library Book and the Wonderful Journeys It Took, Caroline Crowe (E)
             Walter the Wonder Snail, Neil Clark (E) 

April 28

             Amazingly Angus, Kiki Thorpe (JF)
             Animorphs: The Invasion: Graphic, K.A. Applegate (JF)             
             Dragon Dreams, Cora Reef (JF)
             Escape from Asylum, Madeleine Roux (YA)
             Exile from Shadowclan, Erin Hunter (JF) 
             Forging Destiny, Cube Kid (JF) 
             Guest: A Changeling Tale, Mary Downing Hahn (JF)
             Hyperion and theGreat Balls of Fire, Joan Holub (JF)
             Magically Maximus, Kiki Thrope (JF) 
             Quest for Clean Water, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF)
             The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan (JF)
             The Whispering Skull, Jonathan Stroud (JF)

April 27

             Five Survive, Holly Jackson (YA)
             Nick and Charlie, Alice Oseman (YA) 

April 26

             Avatar: The High Ground: Volume 3, Sherri L. Smith (YA)

April 21

             As You Walk On By, Julian Winters (YA)  
             Brother's In Arms, Susan Hood (J)             
             Camp Famous, Jennifer Blecher (JF)
             The Door of No Return, Kwame Alexander (YA)              
             Finally Seen, Kelly Yang (JF)
             Freewater, Amina Luqman-Dawson (JF)             
             Iceberg, Jennifer A. Nielsen (JF)
             Just a Worm, Marie Boyd (E) 
             Loud Mouse, Cara Mentzel (E) 
             Moon's Ramadan, Natasha Khan Kazi (E) 
             Never Never, Serena Valentino (YA)
             Nic Blake and the Remarkables, Angie Thomas (JF)
             No No, Baby!, Anne Hunter (E) 
             Rust in the Root, Justina Ireland (YA)
             Scout's Honor, Lily Anderson (YA)
             The Stolen Heir, Holly Black (YA)
             The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels, Beth Lincoln (JF) 
             A Thousand Heartbeats, Kiera Cass (YA)
             Turtles of the Midnight Moon, Maria Jose Fitzgerald (JF)
             What to Bring, Lorna Schultz Nicholson (E)   
             When You Wish Upon a Star, Elizabeth Lim (YA) 

April 20

             Bravo, Avocado!, Chana Stiefel (E)

April 15

             Avatar: The High Ground, Sherri l. Smith (YA)
             If I Ran Your School, Dr, Seuss (E)
             One Chicken Nugget, Tadgh Bentley (E)
             Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit, Kimberly Dean (E) 
             Poodunnit: How to Track Animals by Their Poop, Footprints and More!, Meg wellington (J)

April 14

             Amelia Bedelia: Under the Weather, Herman Parish (ER)
             The Catfish Club, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF)              
             Hades and the Helm of Darkness, Joan Holub (JF)
             Happy Easter From the Crayons, Drew Daywalt (E)
             How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, Holly Black (YA)
             Little Daymond Learns to Earn, Daymond John (E)
             Love From the Crayons, Drew Daywalt (E)
             Peru, Sloane Gould (NF)
             Poo-Dunit?: A Forest Floor Mystery, Katelyn Aronson (E)
             Quest Mode, Cube kid (JF)             
             Rule of Wolves, Leigh Bargugo (YA)
             Search for the Mermicorn, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (JF)
             A Shadow in Riverclan, Erin Hunter (JF)
             Squid Happens, Isabel Roxas (JF)
             Sydney & Taylor and the Great Friend Expedition, Jacqueline Davies (JF) 
             The Thirteenth Cat, Mary Downing Hahn (JF)     
             This Book Is Perfect!, Ron Keres (E)       






















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