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 (JF) = Juvenile Fiction, (JF LP)=Juvenile Fiction Large Print,  (J) = Non-Fiction, (JB) = Juvenile Biography, (BB) = Board Book, (E) = Easy, (ER)=Easy Reader


All the Pieces Fit (JF)
Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids  (J)
Balletball (E)
Bird Hugs (E)
The Bold, Brave Bunny (E)
The Book of Queens (J)
Daisy and the Deadly Flu (JF)
Dream Big, Little Scientists (E)
Lily and the Great Quake (JF)
Noelle at Sea (JF)
Princess Pulverzer Gotta Warn the Unicorns! (JF)
Princess Pulverzer yo-ho, yo...no! (JF)
Spring with Lily and Milo (E)
Super Rabbit All-Stars! (JF)


Ali Cross, by James Patterson (JF)
The Baddest Day Ever, by Aaron Blabey (JF)
Bedtime Race, by Rob Sanders (E)
A Big-Time Puzzle, by Albin Sadar (ER)
Black is a Rainbow Color, by Angela Joy (E)
Bo's Magical New Friend, by Rebecca Elliott (JF)
Brave.Black.First., by Cheryl Willis Hudson (JN)
Breaks Down Walls, by Kara West (JF)
Dragon Curse, by Lisa McCann (JF)
Dragon Fire, by Lisa McMann (JF)
The Dragon's Tale, by Nancy Krulik (JF)
Enter Stage Left, by Julie Falatko (JF)
The Fierce 44 (JN)
The Forgotten Girl, by India Hill Brown (JF)
Grumplets and Pests, by Asia Citro (JF)
Little Legends,
by Vashti Harrison  (J)
A Little Problem, by Paul Tobin (JF)
Master of Disaster, by James Patterson (JF)
My Survival, by Rena Finder (J)
Myths, Legends & Sacred Stories (J)
Narwhal on a Sunny Night, by Mary Pope Osborne (JF)
No More Bedtime!, by Chuck Richards (E)
The Oldest Student, by Rita Lorraine Hubbard (E)
The Power of Her Pen, by Lesa Cline-Ransome (E)
Quit Buggin' Me!, by Nancy Krulik (JF)
The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver, by Gene Barretta (E)
Slapdash Science, by Drew Brockington (JF)
Sofia Waldez, Future Prez, by Andrea Beaty (E)
Theodore Boone the Accomplice, by John Grisham  (JF)
Watch that Witch!, by Nancy Krulik (JF)
What Were the Negro Leagues?, by Varian Johnson (J)
Wonder Art Workshop, by Sally Haughey (J)
96 Miles, by J.L. Esplin (JF)





















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