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 (JF) = Juvenile Fiction, (J) = Non-Fiction, (JB) = Juvenile Biography, (BB) = Board Book, (E) = Easy, (ER)=Easy Reader


ABCs of Biology, by Chris Ferrie (BB)
Aru Shah and the Song of Death, by Roshani Chokshi (JF)
Autism, by Louise Spilsbury (E)
Bravelands : Shifting Shadows, by Erin Hunter (JF)
Caillou Meets Sophie : A Story About Autism, by Kim Thompson (E)
Captain Awesome and the Trapdoor, by Stan Kirby (JF)
Cars : Engines That Move You, by Dan Zettwoch (JN)
Eerie Elementary : The End of Orson Eerie?, by Jack Chabert (JF)
Finding Orion, by John David Anderson (JF)
Hamster Princess : Little Red Rodent Hood, by Ursula Vernon (JF)
Hats are Not for Cats!, by Jacqueline K. Rayner (E)
Hello, by Fiona Woodcock (E)
I Have an Idea!, by Henre' Tullet (E)
Imagine That, by Jonathan D. Voss (E)
Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers!, by Melanie Walsh (E)
Masters of Mischief, by Rachel Renee Russell (JF)
Mr. Lemoncello's : All-Star Breakout Game, by Chris Grabenstein (JF)
My Brother Otto, by Meg Raby (E)
The Last Kids on Earth Survival Guide, by Max Brallier (JF)
One Red Sock, by Jennifer Sattler (E)
Other Words for Home, by Jasmine Warga (JF)
The Outlaw, by Nancy Vo (E)
Planet Earth is Blue, by Nicole Panteleakos
The Sad Little Fact, by Jonah Winter (E)
Sam the Man & the Cell Phone Plan, by Frances O'Roark Dowell (JF)
Serafina and the Seven Stars, by Robert Beatty (JF)
Shark School : Space Invaders, by Davy Ocean (JF)
Shelby's Story, by W. Bruce Cameron (JF)
Shouting at the Rain, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt (JF)
Summer, by Cao Wenxuan (E)
SumoKitty, by David Biedrzycki (E)
Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO, by Tamara Pizzoli (E)
Treasure Hunters : All-American Adventure, by James Patterson (JF)
Turtle and Tortoise are Not Friends, by Mike Reiss (E)
Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go on a Class Trip, by Julie Falatko (JF)
Ultrabot's First Playdate, by Josh Schneider (E)
Unstoppable Me, by Susan Verde (E)
What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive?, by Mark Lee (E)
What to Do with a String, by Jane Yolen (E)
Whatever After : Two Peas in a Pod, by Sarah Mlynowski (JF)
What's That Terrible Growl?, by A. H. Benjamin  (E)
Wings of Fire : The Lost Heir, by Tui T. Sutherland (JF)


All Tangled Up, by James Burks (JF)
An Artists America, by Michael Albert (J)
The Department of Homeland Security, by Karen Kenney (J)
Dino-Might, by Paul Tobin(JF)
The Dragonet Prophecy, by Tui Sutherland (JF)
Gardening LAB for Kids, by Renata Brown (J)
Gilda the Giant Sheep, by Emilio Urberuaga (E)
Lingering Echoes, by Angie Smibert (JF)
Never Trumpet with a Crumpet, by Amy Gibson (E)
Orcas, by Dionna Mann (J)
Revenge of the Sis, by Jarrett Krosoczka (JF)



















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